Sorry all of our spring piglets have been sold!!. The next litter will be born in spring of 2015. We will post pictures when our next litter is born. A small deposit will hold your piglet until they are ready to Go!!  Thanks to everyone who has purchased a piglet and visited our website! We will update this site with any new info.  Hope to see you soon.



We are among the breeders with nationally known and recognized bloodlines of the smallest mini pigs in the U.S. We are located in southern Michigan.
Our breeding stock : tri-color/spotted, silver/pink/pinto, black/white, brown/gray, So we should have lots of different color combinations for future piglets!! Pigs are friendly, smart and do well with other animals. They are clean and it is very easy to litter train them. Pigs do not shed like dogs and cats which makes them a great pet for anyone with pet allergies. 

Pigs are healthy and require very little veterinary care other than normal maintenance. (worming, hoof trimming, ect.). Some of this can be done yourself!! Vaccinations may be required in certain places.

Pigs are very loyal and will form a strong bond with their owners and can live 10-15 years. So it's a long commitment. Pigs are a curious animal and need some daily stimulation (like kids!!!!) They also don't mind spending time under a blanket napping!!! Although pigs are easy to care for and make great pets, it is a long commitment. SO PLEASE, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. We just want to make sure our piglets go to good homes!!!!! 

 All of our piglets are spayed or neutered, with shots and a clean bill. They are all litter box trained. Our next litter is due in spring 2015. updates will be added. 
For more info on pricing and availability contact:  Patty (pat) At 734-255-6007, or email us at

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